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Green Standard

At Interstate, we take battery recycling seriously. We work to ensure proper handling and recycling of spent lead-acid batteries.  The Green Standard is our system of proprietary recycling and battery handling practices designed to meet and exceed federal and state transportation and environmental regulations. When you choose Interstate Batteries, your batteries are handled from start to finish in a closed loop system by Green Standard-certified personnel. These individuals are trained to ensure that batteries are properly and safely transported, stored and packaged, so they can be sent to an approved recycling facility.


With more than 65 years of experience in the battery industry, Interstate Batteries knows quite a bit about the right way to handle batteries. In fact, we recycle more batteries than we sell.

We have a special commitment to responsible and safe battery handling practices. With a nationwide network of 200,000 dealers returning battery cores, we've turned batteries into one of America's greatest recycling successes.

At its core, environmentally conscious means we care about the communities where we live, play and raise our families. Customers choose Interstate because they understand and share our values.


Motorcycle battery failure: 

The more you know, the 

farther you'll go.

The weather warms up and you head out to the garage for a bike ride. The battery is dead.You're not surprised; you have to buy a new one every year - right? Wrong! Here are common reasons motorcycle batteries fail and what you can do about them.

Your Voltage is IrregularYou're Not 


It's the Circuit 

SuckHeat and Bad Vibrations


Buy a Great Battery

What affects car battery life?


  •  Extreme temperatures
  • Driving conditions
  • Vehicle power demands from plug-ins and accessories

Interstate’s auto battery testing is like a battery health report. It can tell you the strength of your battery today and even predicts the temperature that will produce auto battery failure. Battery tests are free at Interstate All Battery Centers and take just a few minutes. Know before you go. Get your car or truck battery tested today. How does weather impact battery health?The fact is, summer heat can be even more damaging than winter’s cold when it comes to car batteries. Extreme heat, like 95° F outside combined with high temperatures under the hood weaken battery strength, accelerate car battery corrosion and more. Your weakened battery struggles, then fails when cold temperatures make your car battery harder to crank.   Batteries tend to have shorter life spans in extremely hot or cold regions, and are most likely to fail after an extremely hot summer or exceptionally cold weather.